Filly gallops her way to the win at Indian Derby 2010

The McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010 was an extremely high profile event, with Mumbai’s rich and famous attending it. With the betting turnover in crores, these were some really terrific races that gave the crowd a super adrenaline rush. For me, it was just great to be in the same seating area as Vijay Mallya, the tycoon who owns United Spirits, an airline, and much more.


Jacqueline, the winning filly

But the highlight of the event was the final race. What a twist and what a run by the winning filly Jacqueline. Outstanding! Check out a little more about the record Jacequeline created to bring home a prize money of $12.5 million, here!


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  1. Hey… thanks for your comment on my blog. nice pic… I wish i could go there the other day… But i was at the #Kala Ghoda Fest.. Neways, have a nice one…

  2. thanx for great information….and thanx for comments on my blog too 😀
    i have added your blog link in my Blogroll ………u can add my 2 🙂

  3. Nice theme Sonali!

  4. Thanks, Gaurav! This is WordPress’ latest theme by Noel. Look with keywords motion or film, and you’ll get it too.

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