Life list # 2. Order flavours apart from chocolate

April 28, 2011

I’ve kick-started the bucket list project just a couple of days after I began compiling the list.  

The lucky item that’s getting closer to being ticked off is ‘Order flavours apart from chocolate when at a bakery or an ice cream parlour.’ I escaped from office with a couple of colleagues to a gelato parlour nearby for a quick post lunch scoop. I couldn’t resist trying out  the  ‘Chocolate Mud Pie’ flavour, and even though it tasted beyond delicious, I tried out a few other flavours and decided to get double scoops of ‘Limoncello’! The gelato, by the time I finished both the scoops, had turned into Limoncello sorbet, but that’s OK.
May 11, 2011
Last week, I was on a holiday to Stuttgart, Germany and had the pleasure of tasting a few new flavours. I went to this charming cafe in the pretty little town of Bad Wimpfen and ordered a generous slice each of Rhubarb cake, Raspberry + Elderberry cake, Mandarin cake, Strawberry cake and a couple of other regular flavours (for those with me on the trip.)
I had only read about rhubarb, so it felt good to finally taste it. I found the flavour to be strictly average though. Nothing special. In fact, I don’t even remember it correctly right now. It was completely different with the Raspberry + Elderberry slice. I absolutely loved it! I had tasted raspberry before, but had forgotten the taste… So this was fantastic. Mandarin was a sweeter version of an orange, and I believe they call it mandarin because it’s probably grown in some place by the name, or something like that.

The orange one is Mandarin, one before that (anti-clockwise) is the Strawberry one. One before that is the Rhubarb one and the dark generous one is Raspberry + Elderberry.

Let’s see which flavour wins over chocolate next.

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