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Beer shampoo!

Beer makes women pretty. No, really. (Feminists, calm down, hear me out.) Not beer goggles.

*Beer shampoo*

Not kidding. See the revolutionary product for yourself!

The one cosmetic product that men won't crib about spending money on.

The one cosmetic product that men won’t mind spending money on.

I was at the local store the other day and came across this amusing bottle. Park Avenue’s got Beer Shampoo to India, and claims it’s made from real beer! I’m surprised about why there’s not been any publicity about this. Or is it that I have missed the ads? I do have over half a mind to get myself a bottle of this shampoo and sample its “frothy goodness!”

I think men should ditch the fairness creams that Shah Rukh Khan endorses and go for this beer shampoo. At least, you won’t have to hide the bottle!

PS: Review coming soon!


Europe says, ‘Hello!’

Where next? What can I expect there? How to get there?

These were three questions I found myself asking strangers and new friends often, in the month I spent travelling solo in Europe recently. I only had my return flight ticket sorted in advance – Mumbai (India) to Geneva (Switzerland) and back – and gave Europe a chance to surprise me. It led me to gorgeous Swiss villages, lively towns in France and a bustling city in Spain, and Lichtenstein and Monaco.

I met several interesting people along the way, a lot many locals helped me, I assisted some travellers with directions myself, and a few asked me out for drinks! I stayed in a fancy hotel, couchsurfed, shared dorms with 30 other travellers and was offered a bed by friends of friends. I had an extremely unplanned trip, with the liberty of spending as much time as I wished in whichever place that caught my fancy.

A gorgeous evening in Nice, France

A gorgeous evening in Nice, France

I practiced broken French, have brought back some Catalan words and discovered that there actually are places where people absolutely do not speak English. I ticked off many items from my bucket list, which include wearing a bikini to a beach and setting off on an unplanned trip. I would consult the map, the hotel receptionist, my Couchsurfing host and people on the street, and come up with a place to go to, for the next day. I spent 3 days in Nice because I loved the French Riviera, a whole week in Barcelona and yet couldn’t get enough of the city, and merely half a day in Lichtenstein, because well, there’s not much to do.

I ate the best croissants in France, drank pitchers of spicy Sangria in Spain and sampled some of the best cheese in Switzerland. I saw impeccably dressed grannies smoking away in French cafes, snazzy cars in Monaco, sunsets in Switzerland that made me appreciate clouds and some insanely cute boys in Spain. I caught my train to France in the nick of time, almost missed all my luggage in Barcelona merely a day before my flight back to India and kind of ran out of money toward the end of the trip!

But I did have an exceptionally excellent time and would urge everyone to visit these parts of Europe and let them dazzle you. I am in the process of pitching stories about my travels to editors of various magazines and I’ll have some stories surfacing here, on the blog, too. Between that, we should have a complete picture of my experiences and the culture of the countries I visited.

Also, due are many thanks to my Schengen visa (I didn’t know Lichtenstein existed until Swiss locals told me about it), EuroLines buses and the French train system. I don’t know what I would’ve done if they weren’t in place.

Bombay to Goa!

I have some terrific news to share here – I’ve moved out from Bombay for a few months and have reloacted to Goa 😀

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my life. I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, and now live by myself in another city in the country!

Let me tone down my enthusiam a few notches and fill you in. I moved to Goa in the third week of June and have now rented a very pretty house in a charming neighbourhood. The beaches aren’t far away either – barely a 10-min bike ride.

For those who haven’t heard of Goa, well, this picture is of a page from a book:

Quote from a book

You can figure from the picture that Goa’s one of the best places for a single girl to live alone. I write for magazines to make money, cook, clean, manage the house, read, party, laze around, make new friends, explore the city and basically, just have an excellent time here.

That’s where the house party’s begun! On the first floor balcony.

Life in Goa is summed up in this graffiti I saw on one of the walls here: Goa is like a fridge, because everyone just chills here!”

I’m in north of Goa currently, and even though it’s off-season, a few excellent restaurants are open. Because there’s not much crowd, I’m being able to meet and interact with the owners and chefs there too; it’s awesome! If any among you have heard of the Italian chef Sarjano, you’ll be happy to know that he runs a great restaurant here, where he also gives cooking lessons.

Living by myself is a good challenge and so far, has been exciting, with friends dropping in over some weekends. If you’ve never been to Goa, book your tickets soon; if you’re here already, drop me a line!

Stories from southwest Germany

In May 2011, I visited southwest of Germany, covering Stuttgart and neighbouring areas. I had awesome experiences and was overwhelmed by the trip, as it was my first one to Europe.

I participated in various activities and was fortunate to gain access to several places, thanks to my Press Card. The best moment though, was when I got to sit inside the Audi R8 Spyder series.

I wrote a short article for JetWings magazine,  recounting my one week spent in Germany. This is one of my favourite stories till date, and I would love for you all to read it and let me know how you found it.

Travel story on southwest Germany (The file is a tad heavier than usual ones; please be patient as it loads.)

At the Automobil Sommer 2012, posing in a swanky new Mercedes SLS AMG, at the car show in Stuttgart.


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