Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Karaoke night = fun night!

So, this isn’t a Life List item, but pretty important for me to have done it. At least once! I’m talking about visiting a karaoke bar and actually singing a song in public there! Ok, well, so there wasn’t really a lot of public around, but well.

I was holidaying in Goa during my 24th birthday with two friends. Post dinner we headed to the karaoke bar upstairs, notes from where we had heard during our dinner.

No one knew me in Goa, and it was my birthday, so I shook off the shyness and took the plunge. The song that was sung: Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Tip: It was SO much fun, all of you MUST do it. And yeah, karaoke bars are definitely going to see more of me!

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