Say shalom to synagogues in India

The already scarce Jewish population in India is dwindling, but their fascinating houses of worship have the Ner Tamid (lamp of eternal flame) burning bright and strong. The synagogues here in India are beautiful and I feel honoured to have visited one in Mumbai during their 125th anniversary celebrations.

Here’s a feature I have written for JetWings magazine on synagogues in India. JetWings in the luxury travel magazine by Jet Airways, one of India’s premiere airlines.

I will definitely appreciate your feedback on this story!

Culture feature on synagogues in India

Interior of the synagogue in Kochi, India | (Image: Courtesy of Wikipedia)


4 responses

  1. been here….like the way they have preserved it…although almost worshippers come here…

  2. Good read. Was at the Kala Ghoda Cafe about a month back and thought I’d visit the synagogue – had never been in there before. The cop outside tells me that Indians are allowed only on Sundays. He allowed me in only when I told him my mum’s French :/ But what a beautiful place it was!

  3. Hi Sonali. Nice to bump into your blog. I was proud to contribute two of my photos for your Jetwings article on Synagogue.

    Here my link to my blog entry on Synagogues of Calcutta (Kolkata)

    1. Hey, Rangan! Nice to see you here : ) I was glad we were able to use your photographs for the article.

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