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Life list # 2. Order flavours apart from chocolate

April 28, 2011

I’ve kick-started the bucket list project just a couple of days after I began compiling the list.  

The lucky item that’s getting closer to being ticked off is ‘Order flavours apart from chocolate when at a bakery or an ice cream parlour.’ I escaped from office with a couple of colleagues to a gelato parlour nearby for a quick post lunch scoop. I couldn’t resist trying out  the  ‘Chocolate Mud Pie’ flavour, and even though it tasted beyond delicious, I tried out a few other flavours and decided to get double scoops of ‘Limoncello’! The gelato, by the time I finished both the scoops, had turned into Limoncello sorbet, but that’s OK.
May 11, 2011
Last week, I was on a holiday to Stuttgart, Germany and had the pleasure of tasting a few new flavours. I went to this charming cafe in the pretty little town of Bad Wimpfen and ordered a generous slice each of Rhubarb cake, Raspberry + Elderberry cake, Mandarin cake, Strawberry cake and a couple of other regular flavours (for those with me on the trip.)
I had only read about rhubarb, so it felt good to finally taste it. I found the flavour to be strictly average though. Nothing special. In fact, I don’t even remember it correctly right now. It was completely different with the Raspberry + Elderberry slice. I absolutely loved it! I had tasted raspberry before, but had forgotten the taste… So this was fantastic. Mandarin was a sweeter version of an orange, and I believe they call it mandarin because it’s probably grown in some place by the name, or something like that.

The orange one is Mandarin, one before that (anti-clockwise) is the Strawberry one. One before that is the Rhubarb one and the dark generous one is Raspberry + Elderberry.

Let’s see which flavour wins over chocolate next.

Bucket List!

Killing it in style in Switzerland!

Killing it in style in Switzerland!

Inspired by the lovely Mighty Girl Maggie, I’ve started to compile my own list of experiences I want to have and things I want to be able to do, all in this lifetime. I have cribbed some items off other people’s lists, some are my own that I’ve always wanted to do, some items have landed here purely on whim.

This list will be updated frequently, some items will be crossed off (!!) and some may be deleted altogether. But many will be added here, I am sure… And that’s the best part of it for me.

Feel free to talk about items from your own list and do suggest new experiences to me.

I know this is an ambitious project that will go on for years… So here we go!

Learn to whistle using my fingers.
Visit the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Be more approachable toward and less afraid of animals. Hold a snake, maybe!
Learn to ride a horse.
Learn to swim.
Ride a bike in Amsterdam.
Eat waffles in Belgium.
Go on a long road trip with a few unknown people. (Went to Ladakh, India in Aug 2010 on a fortnight-long trip with a friend’s friend and 3 others I didn’t know.)
Fly to somewhere on an aeroplane (Maiden flight was from Mumbai to New Delhi in Aug 2010, and then ah, have flown a good number of times.)
Spend a week in Barcelona.
Visit a water park in Wisconsin, USA.
Listen to 100 new, recommended songs.
Eat some ice off a snowy ground/iceberg.
Order flavours apart from chocolate when at a bakery or an ice cream parlour.
Stay in an art hotel in Italy and Amsterdam.
Stay at a 5-star hotel and eat meals prepared by a Michelin star chef. (Stayed for three nights at Le Méridien Stuttgart, Germany on a work-related trip. Although I had just two meals at the hotel’s Le Cassoulet restaurant, they were prepared by three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.)
Throw a fancy dress party.
Taste new 100 fruits. (Read about ongoing effort here.)
Acquire an International Driving Permit, at least once.
Meet actor Adrien Brody.
Ride in a helicopter.
Go camping.
Go grape-picking for ice wine.
Take my parents to Spain for a visit.
Sign an autograph for someone.
Get a surprise birthday party thrown for.
Ride the NY subway with a Starbucks coffee in hand and a trench coat on.
Stay in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala, India.
Ride in a cockpit.
Stay in a seaside villa in Europe.
Watch the Norhtern Lights.
Go to Alaska.
Go to Antarctica.
Meet Indian cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Get a PhD (in Etymology, maybe?)
Build an enviable finger-rings collection.
Own land.
Own a car.
Stomp grapes at a vineyard (At Sulafest 2009, Nashik, India.)
Go on an impromptu, unstructured road trip.
Learn to play poker properly.
Visit the top five mountain ranges in the world. (Been to the Indian Himalayas, Swiss Alps and Canadian Rockies so far)
Live in another country for at least a
Visit a gay club.
Stay in an ancient haveli in Rajashtan, India.
Visit a haunted house.
Scuba dive.
Live somewhere where it snows, for at least one winter.
Send out at least 25 greeting cards for Diwali.
Visit a foreign country (Visited Mauritius in Sep 2010 and there’s been no looking back since! Visited 12 more countries after Mauritius.)
Learn to flair/bartend.
Punch someone in the face.
Run a marathon.
Ride a motorcycle. (Rode one on a national highway!)
Donate blood.
Make chocolate.
Start a business.
Own an island.
Have a library in the house, out of where I can give away books from time to time. (Not really a library, but have been giving away 100s of books!)
Learn to, and do, long running.
Wear a bikini to a beach/pool.
Be able to make a list of 100 good things to eat in Mumbai/or any other city.
Cook a dish with wine in it.
Dance on the bar at a party once.
Have my own Wikipedia entry.
Master the art of applying make-up.
Do a 365 day photo project like Mridu Khullar-Relph.
Be in a film.
Fly business class (Flew from Mumbai, India to Frankfurt, Germany in business class, and then a few times more!)
Dance in high heels and a small dress in at a beach party.
Win over $1000 or equivalent in a lottery or raffle.
Attend a wedding in Greece.
Be in a situation to warrant “Quick, follow that car!”
Ice skate.
Go to a rave party.
Laze in a hammock.
Get a bath-tub.
Get a tattoo.
Throw a kickass after-party.
Live alone.

That’s how far we’ve reached so far.

What are yours?!

Riding all over Goa with Payal (right)!

Riding all over Goa with Payal (right)!

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