Ye Leh!

So, Leh’s been cropping up a lot recently on the blogs I read, triggering the ‘me too’ syndrome. Here are my two paise on the enchanting roads from old Manali to Leh.

Leh, the travails…

At first, you think it's only a traffic jam. Yeah, a traffic jam : |

Then you realise, "Oh, a car's stuck" : (

And then we see WHY it's stuck. "Fuck!" :O

Leh, the treasures!

Barely 3 hours into the trip from old Manali, we saw the clouds rushing to meet us at our level and then ascend further away. I also truly understood the meaning of 'rolling plains covered in velvet'

I touched snow. And I have no words to describe how good it felt, after craving snow for years

Mountains, snow, sand, grass, water... Everything that Mum Nature has to offer, all together

See the storm-in-the-waiting in the background? And we have reached a boastful 15, 547 feet

The breeze will play with your hair at all windy places. But when it does in Leh, rest assured you have discovered your most favourite place on earth.


15 responses

  1. Awesome max! I believe the first few pictures were of Rohtang (Rani Nala to be more precise) – thought we were stuck the whole day at Rohtang – we were fortunate to have crossed Rani Nala without much fanfare 🙂

    Rani Nala. What an ironic name, I wonder!

  2. And the ‘snow’ you touched really looks like ICE! Was it?

  3. on route to evanescence... | Reply

    wonderful! 🙂

  4. Novacaine,

    Will you believe me if I said that on the total of six days we spent on the road (More than usual due to the 2010 cloud burst), I was suffering from fever, making my memories a bit hazy? I can’t recollect names of these smaller points, although I have journal-ed passing Zing Zing Bar, Keylong, and such.
    I read your two pieces on Leh; very well written : )

    And yeah, snow, ice… same thing : |

  5. You did not pass up on Khar-Dungla right? Leh Ladakh is the place one should visit by any means. Managed to be on a Royal Enfield for half the trip! Its an experience of a liftime 🙂 .. Especially the long winding roads after the Rohtang Pass. LOVED IT! (showing off? You bet! ;P )

  6. Tushar! On a bloody Enfield? What the fuck!
    I did reach Ladakh, but couldn’t reach Leh, landslides and cloud bursts checked our progress. We had planned a 30-day long trip, but were forced to return in 10 days.

    But you went on a bike, damn! That’s my must-do for August 2012.

    1. I know !!! Its an experience i tell u!! Seriously is! 7 guys! All on Enfields ! Remember that advert of Avenger Bike? Feels like god! It sure does, endless roads and music.. WAT ELSE DO U NEED!
      You should really give it a shot!

  7. Tushar, man… You’re just making me jealous now. And I do have every intention of embarking on such a trip next August. I’ll call you when I’m preparing for it 🙂

    Where are all your photographs? Put up anywhere?

    1. Yeah sure… Give a call anytime 🙂 ! Arre no photographs put up as of yet! Many people from the blog have been there (kunal and amey went together, I went with some other people though just a week later after they left) and they put up some pics. Thought it would be a lil redundant so have not put up any. Though i might sometime.. You have checked out the blog posts abt their trip right? They embarked on complete bike trip. though not enfields.. Here is the link

      Part 1 :

      Part 2 :

      Please REQUEST amey to put up the rest of the parts… He has been sitting on them since forever. I have failed to make him do it!

  8. Ah… ok. And I see you’re not failing to mention the Enfield in any comment 🙂
    I’ll see the blog posts. Meanwhile, get a cute girl to to ask Amey for pictures, I’m sure he’ll do it soon!

  9. Believe me when i say this, they are worth it… 🙂 … and lol… well we are trying to do what we can about the posts, search for the girl and amey himself is still on …

  10. Wow! Wonderful pics, girl! **Green with envy**
    A trip to Kashmir-Leh-Ladakh has been a dream for both the husband and me since, like, forever. Your post makes me want to do it NOW!! Someday, I will…..

  11. You have so many trips in mind… plan something, woman! And when you go to Ladakh, please don’t fly… the’s roadtrip makes it special. Go in Aug 2012.

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