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Fire Hula Hoop!

Hola, folks! I had picked up a new hobby in Goa, after my fire-dancing Mexican friend Xanti introduced me to it. She taught me a few basics of hula hooping! Later, my Mumbai friend Leona Rodrigues put in some more hula hooping talent in me. So I’m now back in Mumbai, conducting hula hooping workshops for adults and kids, and boy, it’s fun!

Hand and waist hooping! Pic credit: Shivanand Kotian

Hand and waist hooping! Pic credit: Shivanand Kotian

Last month was the high point of my hula hooping experiences as I tried fire hooping for the first time! It means that I set a hoop on fire and then went about spinning it. I was pretty excited to try fire hooping and here’s a short video of me trying it for the first time. I was tad awkward in the beginning, but I soon forgot about everything else around me and could only hear the loud ‘whoosh whoosh’ of the fiery hoop around me. It’s only towards the end that my friend calls out to warn me about some other people’s football about to hit me, that my concentration breaks and then thee’s a bit of a singeing scare!

Tell me what you think of it! And if you’re in Mumbai, come join me at one of my workshops… I assure you it’s much fun!


Dandelion love!

Growing up in India, I’d never actually seen a dandelion. Only read about it in books written by Western authors. Yeah, maybe there are dandelions growing in India too, in the mountains perhaps, but being a city girl, I’d never actually come across one.

A dandelion was one of those things, such as scones, or say, a jackdaw, which at 26, I still haven’t seen one. But I remember well, that the Famous Five used to relish piping hot scones for breakfast and there was always an annoying jackdaw in their barn. But I was an Indian kid without Internet. In fact, despite all the international travelling that I do now, I still haven’t tried scones. (Must put that on my bucket list.) Nor seen a jackdaw. 

So yeah, I was glad to come across this ethereal dandelion, after seeing numerous pictures of it on Pinterest. This was at Grousse Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. The flower was exactly as I had imagined it to be – light and magical. 

Anyone here know if I can, and how to plant dandelion at home? 


Dandelion in Canada’s Grousse Mountain.

Eat some snow off the ground #LifeList

A snowy winter is a way of life for many. But for someone like me, who has lived all her life in a tropical country (India), snow can pretty much be a bucket list item. My first brush with snow happened last week, on a trip to Switzerland. I enjoyed a lovely train ride from Zermatt to reach up to Gornergrat. From this peak, I was told, I could afford stark views of the steep Matterhorn.

I was looking forward to feel snow on my hands since childhood, and finally, my dream came true. The train chugged higher from Zermatt, and I could see snow around in bits, and gradually, it was a vast carpet. I was so excited by this point, that I was having trouble deciding which side of the train I should look out from, frequently running over to the other side, to see more snow. Sounds silly, I know, but if you’ve waited 25 years of your life for an experience, it can be pretty overwhelming when it actually happens.

I step on snow as I get off the train. I’m told to be careful, as the ice can be slippery. I’m glad I’m wearing my Wellingdons as they offer a sturdy sole and some friction. I walk along, hugging my jacket tighter, taking small steps, mindful of the ice that I tread on. And then in a few steps, ice makes way for snow! I put my foot ahead on soft, soft white fluff and it sinks in a bit to make an impression. I go ahead a few more steps, a smile on my face, my feet digging deeper. And then I look around myself, and all I see is more and more snow and I turn into a child on expresso.

I run, fall and jump about and make snowballs and throw them on my friends. And then I walk further towards the valley where there are no foot marks, and slide my hand in, to come up with a pristine fluff of white sitting on my palm.

Experiencing snow for the first time at Gornergrat, Switzerland.

Experiencing snow for the first time at Gornergrat, Switzerland.

I had fallen in love with crushed ice at a young age, when kids used to buy ‘gola’ from a street vendor. A gola is a clump of crushed ice on a stick, doused in flavoured syrup. Something similar to the ‘kachang’ in Singapore.

I pressed my palm shut and the snow hardened a bit. I put it in my mouth, closed my eyes and waited for it to dissolve. My hands were trembling due to cold but when I put the snow in my mouth, it just felt warm. And familiar. And nice.

Beer shampoo!

Beer makes women pretty. No, really. (Feminists, calm down, hear me out.) Not beer goggles.

*Beer shampoo*

Not kidding. See the revolutionary product for yourself!

The one cosmetic product that men won't crib about spending money on.

The one cosmetic product that men won’t mind spending money on.

I was at the local store the other day and came across this amusing bottle. Park Avenue’s got Beer Shampoo to India, and claims it’s made from real beer! I’m surprised about why there’s not been any publicity about this. Or is it that I have missed the ads? I do have over half a mind to get myself a bottle of this shampoo and sample its “frothy goodness!”

I think men should ditch the fairness creams that Shah Rukh Khan endorses and go for this beer shampoo. At least, you won’t have to hide the bottle!

PS: Review coming soon!

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