Listen to 100 new, recommended songs #LifeList

I’m going to undergo an eye surgery later this month, which will require me to not: watch the TV, work at the computer or read books, till September end, to avoid straining my eyes.

So I’m going to take up this time to work furiously on my Life List’s item no. 10 , where I hope to listen to 100 new, recommended songs. I need all of you to give me your 5 most favourite songs that you think I should listen to. Drop song names in the comments section; that way, others can pick up your recos too.

Gimme your favourite tracks

The tracks needn’t be only in English; any languages are welcome. Along with song titles (and album and artist’s name, of course), add a link if a website’s explaining how/why the song was composed, any other significance, any other important part of the history associated with the song, etc etc.

I’ll use YouTube to listen to the numbers. But it would be helpful it you could post the direct link of the song, as there will be numerous versions of the said number on YouTube alone, and I want to ensure I listen to the one YOU recommend.

So yeah, hit me with your best songs!


44 responses

  1. Promise to give my songs a try? *Evil laugh*

    1) Enigma and D-Emotion Project – Entire album
    2) Baaju Band Khul Jae (There are like a 100 versions of this, my fav is the Sufi Rock version)
    3) Terey Bina by Fuzon
    4) Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci (Pure guitars :D)
    5) Sweet Pain by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Not what you would expect. It’s Sufi Rock)

    All songs on my laptop. Will give.


  2. It’s damn hard to pick 5 songs out of so many. But I’ll post in the top 5 songs which are on my On The Go playlist.

    1) Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (EP) – Coldplay
    2) Viva La Vida – Coldplay (Entire Album)
    3) Newyork Nagaram – Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (Tamil) – A R Rahman
    4) Saigal Blues – Delhi Belly
    5) Aicha – Outlandish or Aicha – Cheb Khaled.

    ofcourse, many more.

    1. Anurag, thanks once again for the recos. I’m getting around to listening to a lot of songs these days. I found Every Teardrop and Viva La Vida too noisy by Coldplay standards. I like Rush of Blood to the Head because in most song, you can clearly listen to Chris Martin’s beautiful voice and the excellent guitar and piano strains are in the background. With this latest album… nah, too loud for me. New York Nagaram… Hmm, will have to listen a few more times, I guess. LOVED Saigal Blues. Used to listen to Aicha (Outlandish) a lot in college.


  3. listen to Yiruma’s kiss the rain, river flows in you, destiny of love…

  4. […] Listen to 100 new, recommended songs (Work in progress can be seen here.) […]

  5. Hmmm It’s difficult to give you top fav 5…but I ll try!

    1)Ajeeb Dastan: my all-time fav
    2)La playa: It’s a Spanish song by La Oreja de Van Gogh
    3)Der Lagi Lekin: It’s a beautiful number!
    4)Any MJ or Rehman song
    5)Nothing else matters

    Do you like the Himalayan (Pahadi) flute? then, you must listen to Nawang Khechog

    Happy listening!

  6. Manali, yep, will listen to all of those!

    Anurag, I’ve only heard Aicha from your list, so I have a good number of new songs now. Thank you!

    Sophia, Yiruma, noted.

    Archana! Thank you! Know the first and the last; will listen to the rest 🙂

  7. 1. The Scientist – Coldplay
    2. Who’s gonna ride your wild horses – U2
    3. Spies – Coldpaly
    4. Hey Oh – RHCP
    5. Pieces of Me – Ashlee Simpson

  8. Kristen Barry – Ordinary Life Cruel Intentions OST
    Michael Nyman – The Piano OST All tracks
    Rock-N-Rolla – All the tracks from the OST
    Fight Club – All tracks from the OST
    Shaitaan – Bali (The song of Shaitaan)
    Kurt Vile – On Tour – The album Smoke Ring for my Halo
    Kurt Vile – Ghost Town – The album Smoke Ring for my Halo
    Alisson Krauss – You’ll be my ain’ true love
    Bob Dylan – The Essential Bob Dylan (CD 1&2&3)

  9. Ghost of a Horse under the Chandelier – World’s End Girlfriend
    Soldier’s Grin – Wolf Parade
    Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – The Arcade Fire
    The Hill – Once (OST)
    The Importance of Being Idle – Oasis

    Each a gem of a band, these are some of my off the top of my head recommendations. Let me know when your list is done, I’d like to pick up some good recommendations meself!! 🙂 Best of luck with surgery also

  10. ~Pukaarta Chala Hoon Main (Mere Sanam) ~Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met) ~My All (Mariah Carey) ~Aap Ki Nazron Ne samjha (Anpadh) ~Yeh samaa,samaa hai yeh pyaar ka (Jab Jab Phool Khile) Tere Mere Sapne (Guide)

  11. Hi Sonali,

    All the best! for you surgery! Get well soon! 🙂

    There are hundreds of song I like… lately I am been repeatedly listening to the follow five songs:

    1. Ek Jal Pari – Atif Aslam at Coke Studio singing a song from his album ‘Jal Pari’.

    2. Udne Do – Jal (PK Band) and Quratulain Balouch creating fusion at Coke Studio.

    3. Coming Back to Life – Pink Floyd at a Concert (My Fav)

    4. Deewana – Sonu Nigam’s first album ‘Deewana’

    5. Dooba Dooba Rehta Hu – Mohit Chauhan’s first famous song (All time Fav).

    Anyway, explore more on Youtube Channel of Coke Studio (Enjoy!):

  12. This is great; all the awesome songs are pouring in. This project is going to be fun! Thanks, Pravin and Sneha!

  13. I Can Wait Forever – Simple Plan
    I’d Come For You (Dark Horse) – Nickelback (rather all of it)
    Rain (Full Circle) – Creed
    Rishtey – Life In A Metro
    Phir Dekhiye – Rock On
    Tu Kaun Hai (Bhopal Express) – Lucky Ali

  14. The Librarian by Laura Jane Scott
    My Immortal by Evanescence
    Naal Nachana by Rishi Rich
    It takes two by Rob Base
    Wonderwall by Oasis
    O hum dum Suniyo re in Tamil by AR Rahman
    Tum kya jano, mohobbat kya hai remix by DJ Aqeel
    Saat Samundar Paar from Vishvatma

    I’ll mail you the songs!


  15. Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble
    Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
    Money Honey by State of Shock
    Bullet Proof by LaRoux
    The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

  16. 1. When the Night Comes from Dan Auerbach

    2. Hand Me Down from Visqueen (can’t find a good version of this online)

    3. Make You Feel My Love cover from Adele

    4. Those to Come from The Shins–The+Shins

    5. Big Jet Plane from Angus and Julia Stone–Big+Jet+Plane

    Good luck with your project! -M

  17. yesterday -the beatles
    bohemians rhapsody – queen
    blackbird – the beatles
    beat it – michael jackson
    norah jones – humble me lord.

  18. Thank you, thank you, to Krunal, Debismita, Sue, Karan, Ruchi and Rohit!

    And the Mighty Girl has recommemded some tracks too… awesome! Maggie, you’re my inspiration for getting on with the Life List. Much love! xx

  19. Sneha, first up. My best wishes for your eye-surgery. Secondly, I love the way you’re dealing with this. Here you go, my top picks.

    1. Mamer – Man (It’s a Kazakh folk song, you’ll travel with this, baby!)

    2. Norwegian Wood – The Beatles, sitar version (Love=norwegian wood)

    3. Azaadiyaan – Udaan

    4. Hard sun – Eddie Vedder (OST – Into The Wild)

    5. Tear drop – Massive Attack ft. Portishead

  20. Hey Sonali,
    First of all all get well soon after your surgery thing.
    What I am listing out are some of the songs that I like in Hindi and especially some of the ones that have not become so famous… I hope u enjoy them as much as I do… cheers !!

    Sabse peeche hum khade – Silk Route

    Teri deewani – Kailash kher from the album Kailasa

    Ajnabi Khwab mein – Singer Raaj from the movie Superstar

    Sayoni – Junoon

    Yaaron – Singer KK from the movie Rockford

  21. Best wishes with the surgery!! Hope you like the songs on your small break 🙂

    1) Your Call – Secondhand Serenade
    2) Blurry – Puddle of Mudd
    3) Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye-
    4) Islands / Crystallized – The XX
    5) Mitra – Band Baaja Baraat (If hindi is ok) or
    Alive – Goldfrapp

    1. scenes from an italian restaurant, billy joel
    2. if i were a bell.. dinah washington (not any other artist..her voice is divine!)
    3 seven little girls sitting in the backseat- paul evans:
    4. (chill out types)
    5. dancing with kadafi by infected mushrooms (relaxing)
    6. rachael yamagata -elephants… (hardly known of artist… she sang this when i saw her live in madison.. i fell in love with the song.. love the last few lines! very slow though)
    7. i love the sound of the instruments in this band (ska) but v few of their songs pack in punch.. this one is the only one that i just love!
    8. more ska… the cat empire.. very jive-able modern tunes.. love the sax in it…
    9. florence and the machines.. u might know her already… ..this one is cosmic love but choose any others also, thyere equally good.. what a voice!!!!!
    10. last but not least… STR… my cousins band!! this was their first music video.. if u like them then plz join me at their next concert! =D=D
    11. ok just ONE more… dubstep!!! its just wow!!!!!!!!!!!
    12.. last promise!! i run to this song.. sets a crazy mood..might be a bit heavy
    13. i cant leave out yahel!… one of my fav artists ever.. MIND BLOWING ….
    14. 13 is unlucky so i gta add one more.. above and beyond… good day..
    i tried stopping at 5 but i couldnt help myself… the first few are oldies and i just LOVE the words.. so cute! i wish ppl would still make music like that! i tried to bring a mix of all my different favourites.. enjoy! and do make a cd out of everyones suggestions and give me a copy!! get well soon! =*

  23. Well, recommending only songs is a serious drag because of the fact that I concentrate listening to an album as a whole than a single song, so I will recommend you 5 albums to listen to, you wouldn’t like to listen to something too heavy, right? Cause I’m more into Metal. Anyways, here are my 5 non Metal album recommendations.

    The Doors – The Doors (A classic, best heard on a rainy day)

    Wishbone Ash – Argus (An amazing Progressive Rock album, great for all moods)

    Lush – Split (It is a genre called Shoegaze, kind of peppy and overall fun band to listen to)

    Rome – Flowers from Exile (It is a genre called Neofolk, kind of folksy and mostly acoustic, but a beautiful album)

    The Who – Who’s Next (Another Classic, one of my favorite Rock albums)

  24. Wow you’ve already got a huuuuggggeee list to choose from 🙂
    I’m more of a country music fan so I’ve listed some of my favourite tracks below. Couple of others which I really like a lot right now. Hope you’ll like them too. Will send more songs whenever I can think of them.

    Love xxx

    Room at the top of the stairs – Eddie Rabbitt

    It’s your love – tim mcgraw and faith hill

    Hairspray – Mama I’m a big girl now (fun song)

    Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss

    Maroon 5 – moves like Jagger

    Scorpions – Still Loving You

  25. PS – When you’ve recovered after surgery, we must go to a karaoke night together 🙂 I had no idea you like karaoke…. I absolutely LOVE it 😀 get well soon honey!

  26. Seeing all the responses you’ve got I don’t know if these are already on your list or not. Theyre not really new but it’s what I’ve been listening to lately..

    Get well soon!

    Adele: rolling in the deep

    Anna Nalick: breathe

    Pink: Fucking Perfect

    Coldplay: Strawberry swing

    Little dragon: constant surprises

  27. Great idea! This was hard, because I have no idea what your music tastes are, but I;’ve tried to restrict it to songs you probably haven’t heard.

    1) Rain, by Patty Griffin (from the album ‘1000 Kisses’) –

    2) Sober, by Kelly Clarkson –

    3) Late Morning Lullaby, by Brandi Carlile –

    4) Poison and Wine, by The Civil Wars –

    5) Feeling Good [Nina Simone cover], by Muse –

  28. Hey Sneha,

    Good luck with the Eye surgery, Here’s my reccos.

    Admiral Fallow- Squealing Pigs from the album Boots met my face
    Fun – Be Calm
    Miles Davis – Fran Dance
    Miles Davis Guninnevere
    Chick Corea and Bela Fleck: Spectacle (I only found a live version but you should try and get the entire album
    Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a la vida
    Florence and the Machine – the entire ‘lungs’ album

  29. First Five Fav Tracks that came to mind….

    1) Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowbow:

    Maybe its just me but I always get goosebumps listening to the opening of this track…

    2) Tune Yards – Powa:

    The First Time I heard this song I thought it was a man singing….she has an amazing voice…there is a live version too listed below but not sure if your going to be seeing much after surgery? Anyway album version is better to listen to but live more fun to watch…


    3) Foo Fighters – Burning Bridge

    Only my favorite new rock album of 2011

    4) Foo Fighters – These Days
    Also from my the same CD as above… here is a live version if you want to watch something…

    5) Trentemoller – Moan Live:

    Super sick blend of electronic and acoustic.

    6) D-Nox and Beckers Remix of Many Years from Now:

    One of my favorite techno tracks ever….perfect balance of hypnotic, timeless, and serene moods with great production and an elegant groove to boot.

    7) Dub FX – Love Someone:

    Just watch it…

    I know you said 5 but I’m special…and not the special needs kind who can’t count 🙂

    – Erik

  30. Ooooh! This is fun!

    And because I actually have horribly-poppy taste in music:

    Good luck with the surgery!

  31. Hiya, Hmmmm..its really hard for me to choose only five ..but anyways, Here are my all time favorite…
    1. Heart- All I wanna do is make love to you.

    2. The spirit carries on/ Dream Theater..

    3.You make me feel/ Bon Fire

    4. Words/ F.R David

    5. Gotthard- Let it rain (Sorry can’t find the original video)

    These are the ones that comes to my head when I was going through the list and I decided to note it down before I change my mind.

    These are a few of my fa v. from my teen,Let me know if you want any new collection. 🙂

    Good luck and God bless. !!

  32. Okay, here are some songs:

    • Hum Bekhudi Mein Tumko Pukare Chale Gaye:
    • Maine Socha Tha:
    • Meri Duniya Lut Rahi Thi:
    • Na Toh Caravaan Ki Talaash Hai:
    • Maayus Toh Hoon Vaade Se Tere:
    • Chhodd Gaye Baalam:
    • Mohe Bhool Gaye Saanwariya:
    • Pyar Ke Sagar Se:
    • Bahut Pyar Karte Hain:
    • Kabira by Agnee:
    • Andholan by MHB:
    • Bangla Song:
    • Joug by Atif Aslam:
    • Junoon’s Songs:–The-Top-10-Junoon-Songs.aspx
    • Mann Chandre:
    • Mosquito by AR Rahman:
    • Main Tenu Samjhaawaan Ki:
    • Ajhun Na Aaye:
    • Teri Mehfil Mein:
    • Mohabbat Ki Jhooti:
    • Nahin Saamne:
    • Pukarta Chala Hoon Main:
    • Dilbar Mera:
    • Kaisi Laagi Yaari:
    • All songs of Striker (it’s a Bollywood film that came out last year I think) & Gulaal
    • Kabhi Main Kahoon:
    • So Gaya Yeh Jahaan:
    • Kuch Dard Mujhe Tu:
    • Tuu:
    • Har Jagaah Mein:

  33. I’m going to venture into different languages here:
    1. Vellai Pookal – a peace anthem by Rehman about the war in Sri Lanka. The words are beautiful.
    2. When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole.
    3. Airanichya Deva Tula – Music and lyrics by Lata Mangeshkar.
    good luck with the surgery.

  34. Hey! nice post 🙂
    try these-

    or try the original by neil young

    (try the acoustic version too)

  35. Oh my God Sosha, Eye surgery for what? what happened to your eye? I’m really concerned now >.<
    But I have some good songs you might NOT like, but I love them, do you wanna give them a try?
    Free Tibet – Highlight Tribe
    E=Mc2 – 1200mics
    Shankara – Highlight Tribe
    Andy Climax – Reds under the beds
    and < the one on the right is me, ONE YEAR AGO, don't try to be judgmental 😛 thank you very much.

  36. Hi Sharvil, thanks for the songs recos. Will listen to them. Eye surgery’s done now and I’m better, so let’s leave it at that : ) Oh, and will watch the video of your songs too!

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