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iPad menus in Indian restaurants

Several restaurants in India have taken the road to technology – they offer iPad menus to diners. The concept is amazing – it feels pretty chic to tap and slide the tablet as you decide what to order. In Mumbai, head to Koh by Ian Kittichai (InterContinental Marine Drive), Royal China (Bandra and VT) or Escobar  (Bandra) to experience these awesome menus.

Click here to read the short feature I had written for JetWings magazine on iPad menus.

An iPad menu rests alongside alcoholic beverages
Pic by Monisha Ajgaonkar | Location courtesy: Koh by Ian Kittichai, The InterContinental Marine Drive, Mumbai





Say shalom to synagogues in India

The already scarce Jewish population in India is dwindling, but their fascinating houses of worship have the Ner Tamid (lamp of eternal flame) burning bright and strong. The synagogues here in India are beautiful and I feel honoured to have visited one in Mumbai during their 125th anniversary celebrations.

Here’s a feature I have written for JetWings magazine on synagogues in India. JetWings in the luxury travel magazine by Jet Airways, one of India’s premiere airlines.

I will definitely appreciate your feedback on this story!

Culture feature on synagogues in India

Interior of the synagogue in Kochi, India | (Image: Courtesy of Wikipedia)

World’s most expensive writing instruments

As many of you may know, I am a freelance features writer. I write chiefly for magazines.

In this month’s (March-April 2012) MARWAR magazine is a small feature of mine, on world’s most expensive pens writing instruments. It’s quite amazing, how some of these bejewelled pens run into thousands of Dollars.

MARWAR is the luxury magazine for the affluent Marwari community of India.

Do have a look at my story, and let me know if you like it!

A feature on ‘World’s most expensive writing instruments’ for MARWAR magazine

Montblanc Boheme Royal fountain pen

Old Manali – Small town surprise

Forget beaches, mountains and palaces. How about a holiday in an orchard with some marijuana to go with it? If the idea reads interesting, head to Himachal Pradesh, the ‘apple’ capital ofIndia. The small town of Manali, divided into old and new areas, is a holiday experience as quirky as it gets.


A 15-hours drive fromNew Delhi, new Manali is your regular town. But it is old Manali which you truly want to visit. Unending apple orchards, friendly locals, an eyeful of foreign tourists, a playful riverBeas, inexpensive lodging and a good connection to the Internet is just the start of a memorable trip.

Apple orchard in Old Manali, India


Old Manali is dotted with little cafes decorated with the most unusual art. We are talking glow-in-the-dark curtains, drawings by customers, and animal antlers. Most cafes expertly whip up excellent Irish, Italian, Spanish and Jewish cuisines, apart from Indian, of course. Courteous waiters and freely available marijuana are incentives to get you to try the foreign fare. Do sample some Yak cheese available in select cafes.


On the singular main street of old Manali, there’s scope to shop for silver jewelry to your heart’s content. Be wary of the prices though, and quote less than what you pay for the item in a city. Knitted woollen wear in all sizes can be the next on your shopping list. Also not to be missed are the skimpy dresses stocked for foreign tourists that belie the fact that you are in a small Indian town.

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