Life list # 17. Fly Business Class

One more item ticked off the bucket list!

You know that flying Business Class is a distant dream, when one of the items on your wish list had been ‘Fly to somewhere on an aeroplane’ and ‘Visit a foreign country.’ So imagine the surprise when I got an upgrade from Economy to Business class on my flight from Mumbai, India to Frankfurt, Germany!

Business Class

Business Class

I was extremely excited to enjoy the comforts of supreme luxury for the next eight hours of my life. And it turned out to be exactly like that. Spacious seats that fell backward up to 180 degrees, a few rounds of gourmet food served in branded glass crockery and well, I won’t even mention the open bar. Special space to stow your footwear, a section to put away your reading glasses for the night and a plug-point to access Internet were some more of the comforts. Oh, did I say that we did not have to wait in a queue to check in?

There were no babies bawling through the night and no kids running about in the aisles. Just a small bunch of business people in smart suits, who slept peacefully through the night.

That, in brief, is Business Class for you.


5 responses

  1. I did this once – but it was due to the fact that I had broken my back while on holiday and was in a brace so the travel insurance had to fly me business class from Sydney to Auckland. My daughter commented: “what a bummer we weren’t further away.” LOL. 🙂

  2. He he… I felt pretty lucky because mine was an eight-and-a-half hours long flight.

  3. Wow! They look so comfortable! You were so lucky to do this!

  4. Upgrade. Why? 🙂

    Next in the list – Fly First Class ?

  5. Upgrade because we were a bunch of journalists, of which, one knew someone who knew someone and things like that 😉

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