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Listen to 100 new, recommended songs #LifeList

I’m going to undergo an eye surgery later this month, which will require me to not: watch the TV, work at the computer or read books, till September end, to avoid straining my eyes.

So I’m going to take up this time to work furiously on my Life List’s item no. 10 , where I hope to listen to 100 new, recommended songs. I need all of you to give me your 5 most favourite songs that you think I should listen to. Drop song names in the comments section; that way, others can pick up your recos too.

Gimme your favourite tracks

The tracks needn’t be only in English; any languages are welcome. Along with song titles (and album and artist’s name, of course), add a link if a website’s explaining how/why the song was composed, any other significance, any other important part of the history associated with the song, etc etc.

I’ll use YouTube to listen to the numbers. But it would be helpful it you could post the direct link of the song, as there will be numerous versions of the said number on YouTube alone, and I want to ensure I listen to the one YOU recommend.

So yeah, hit me with your best songs!

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