Bucket List!

Killing it in style in Switzerland!

Killing it in style in Switzerland!

Inspired by the lovely Mighty Girl Maggie, I’ve started to compile my own list of experiences I want to have and things I want to be able to do, all in this lifetime. I have cribbed some items off other people’s lists, some are my own that I’ve always wanted to do, some items have landed here purely on whim.

This list will be updated frequently, some items will be crossed off (!!) and some may be deleted altogether. But many will be added here, I am sure… And that’s the best part of it for me.

Feel free to talk about items from your own list and do suggest new experiences to me.

I know this is an ambitious project that will go on for years… So here we go!

Learn to whistle using my fingers.
Visit the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Be more approachable toward and less afraid of animals. Hold a snake, maybe!
Learn to ride a horse.
Learn to swim.
Ride a bike in Amsterdam.
Eat waffles in Belgium.
Go on a long road trip with a few unknown people. (Went to Ladakh, India in Aug 2010 on a fortnight-long trip with a friend’s friend and 3 others I didn’t know.)
Fly to somewhere on an aeroplane (Maiden flight was from Mumbai to New Delhi in Aug 2010, and then ah, have flown a good number of times.)
Spend a week in Barcelona.
Visit a water park in Wisconsin, USA.
Listen to 100 new, recommended songs.
Eat some ice off a snowy ground/iceberg.
Order flavours apart from chocolate when at a bakery or an ice cream parlour.
Stay in an art hotel in Italy and Amsterdam.
Stay at a 5-star hotel and eat meals prepared by a Michelin star chef. (Stayed for three nights at Le Méridien Stuttgart, Germany on a work-related trip. Although I had just two meals at the hotel’s Le Cassoulet restaurant, they were prepared by three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.)
Throw a fancy dress party.
Taste new 100 fruits. (Read about ongoing effort here.)
Acquire an International Driving Permit, at least once.
Meet actor Adrien Brody.
Ride in a helicopter.
Go camping.
Go grape-picking for ice wine.
Take my parents to Spain for a visit.
Sign an autograph for someone.
Get a surprise birthday party thrown for.
Ride the NY subway with a Starbucks coffee in hand and a trench coat on.
Stay in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala, India.
Ride in a cockpit.
Stay in a seaside villa in Europe.
Watch the Norhtern Lights.
Go to Alaska.
Go to Antarctica.
Meet Indian cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Get a PhD (in Etymology, maybe?)
Build an enviable finger-rings collection.
Own land.
Own a car.
Stomp grapes at a vineyard (At Sulafest 2009, Nashik, India.)
Go on an impromptu, unstructured road trip.
Learn to play poker properly.
Visit the top five mountain ranges in the world. (Been to the Indian Himalayas, Swiss Alps and Canadian Rockies so far)
Live in another country for at least a
Visit a gay club.
Stay in an ancient haveli in Rajashtan, India.
Visit a haunted house.
Scuba dive.
Live somewhere where it snows, for at least one winter.
Send out at least 25 greeting cards for Diwali.
Visit a foreign country (Visited Mauritius in Sep 2010 and there’s been no looking back since! Visited 12 more countries after Mauritius.)
Learn to flair/bartend.
Punch someone in the face.
Run a marathon.
Ride a motorcycle. (Rode one on a national highway!)
Donate blood.
Make chocolate.
Start a business.
Own an island.
Have a library in the house, out of where I can give away books from time to time. (Not really a library, but have been giving away 100s of books!)
Learn to, and do, long running.
Wear a bikini to a beach/pool.
Be able to make a list of 100 good things to eat in Mumbai/or any other city.
Cook a dish with wine in it.
Dance on the bar at a party once.
Have my own Wikipedia entry.
Master the art of applying make-up.
Do a 365 day photo project like Mridu Khullar-Relph.
Be in a film.
Fly business class (Flew from Mumbai, India to Frankfurt, Germany in business class, and then a few times more!)
Dance in high heels and a small dress in at a beach party.
Win over $1000 or equivalent in a lottery or raffle.
Attend a wedding in Greece.
Be in a situation to warrant “Quick, follow that car!”
Ice skate.
Go to a rave party.
Laze in a hammock.
Get a bath-tub.
Get a tattoo.
Throw a kickass after-party.
Live alone.

That’s how far we’ve reached so far.

What are yours?!

Riding all over Goa with Payal (right)!

Riding all over Goa with Payal (right)!


39 responses

  1. I’ve been talking a lot about wanting to get into a fight…but the problem is that I might get arrested. Should have done it when I was a kid…

    Good luck on your goals-I look forward to reading about your accomplishments!

  2. I LOVE crossing things off of my lifelist! It’s marvelous. And just writing them down has been empowering beyond all belief… Good luck!

  3. Oh yes, nothingwitty! Writing the items down gives me more conviction to make them come true. Thank you for your wishes and I hope you cross off your entire list too!

  4. And Jessica, you have hugged a dolphin! Now that needs to go up on my list.
    Thank you for your wishes 🙂

  5. […] # 17. Fly Business Class Filed under: Accomplishment, Fun, Life, To Do list by Sosha — Leave a comment May 12, 2011 One more item ticked off the bucket list! […]

  6. […] I’ve decided to taste at least 100 new ones, as a part of my bucket list programme, and I will be documenting the progress in this […]

  7. HI! love your list. “Be in a situation to warrant “Quick, follow that car!”” made me laugh out loud. Perfect! I also love “Learn to whistle using my fingers” and “Punch someone in the face”. I’ve never been able to whistle the “normal” way and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to punch someone, i think I might have to steal those for my list! Good luck with your list, have fun checking things off and thinking of new ones!

  8. […] Sep 2010 I had struck off another item from my life list but couldn’t write about it as I wasn’t documenting my list here on the blog. […]

  9. #6 has been on mine for too long
    #19 I d have to recommend forever 21 for that. Cheap and fancy
    #24 should take you less than one game to learn it. I just learnt it a couple of months back
    #27 trust me, will get old after the first snow
    #31 LOL
    #44 if you figure it out, you should put up a tutorial. I gave up on this one

  10. Hahaha, quite an interesting adventure, Sosha! Was glad to pay a visit to your blog and read the entire list! Hope you maange to complete your goals! Quite interesting….

  11. hey chica! loved your list and it does help a lot! absolutely will try to do your suggestion 😉

  12. I love this list! I’ve been adding to my “life list” for years and you’re motivating me to blog about it, rather than focusing on weekly/monthly/short-term goals. Thanks!
    If I were you, I’d start with youtube for anything that begins with “learn to,” esp. the make up one… a former roommate would search for make up videos often and learned some great tricks!
    xo – L


  13. Hi Deftgurl, madrasee, al2895, Sara and Betterment Letters!
    Nice to see you all love the list. I hope I can inspire you to follow your list harder. For those who do not have one yet—make one now!

  14. I love your list! I’m excited to read about your adventures crossing them off!

  15. Stick around, Smedette! Better stuff to come!

  16. You’re right! We do have a lot of similarities in our lists. My extended bucket list includes even more similarities. I hope I am able to accomplish my list in a year. Best of luck in your endeavors. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  17. […] this isn’t a Life List item, but pretty important for me to have done it. At least once! I’m talking about visiting […]

  18. WOW! That’s a great list!! I love that it’s your “life list” and that you aren’t restricting yourself to a time limit! Good luck with all these and congratulations on the ones you’ve already accomplished!!

  19. […] I’m going to take up this time to work furiously on my Life List’s item no. 10 , where I hope to listen to 100 new, recommended songs. I need all of you to give me your 5 most […]

  20. That’s an interesting list. You’ve got a few unusual ones on there! I’ve done numbers 5 (well, I’ve ridden a horse a couple of times, but I’m by no means an expert), 6, 8, 27, 33, 35, 52, and 54.

    I would have thought you can do a few of them pretty easily, like giving blood.

  21. Elentari86! You’ve done all the cooler things on the list – ski and ice skate!

    And well, you see I’m a recovering from anemia; the day I’ll be fit enough to donate my blood, will be a great one for me. I’m sure I can do a couple others easily, if I decide I HAVE TO do them today. But I don’t mind taking my time and letting the experiences come to me at their own good speed 🙂

  22. Ice rinks are pretty common here (UK) and being so close to mainland Europe it’s pretty easy to go skiing (I went on a school trip to the Spanish Pyrenees when I was 14 or 15). I really enjoyed it at first because there was fresh powder snow every night for the first four days or so, which was lovely to ski on, but the last few days there wasn’t and the surface of the snow got pretty icy. I fell over a lot! There’s also an indoor ski slope with real snow about an hour’s drive from me.

    As for living somewhere where it snows, it does snow here a bit (lots more in the northern parts of the UK, especially the Scottish highlands, than where I live in the middle of England) and I always enjoy it. In fact, we had loads last winter, much more than usual. It causes transport chaos every time though!

    I couldn’t give blood for a year because my iron levels were too low. Hope your increase soon!

    I think you’re right, rushing it spoils it somewhat. Better to let things happen at their own pace – just don’t be too relaxed about it as you never know how much time you have left!

  23. Hey!!
    I discovered your blog after you left a comment on mine! I absolutely love what you’re blogging about and come back here pretty much everyday to see if there’s something new!
    Love your life list! It’s super cute and inspiring..
    Also, I’ve shifted to http://www.ltwt.in and blog from here now. So you can follow me there! =)
    You on twiiter?

  24. Hooray for YOU! Best of luck on all of your adventures. This life is for living!

  25. Quite a diverse list!! Now I am inspired to make one for me too 😛

  26. Interesting list. I like these ones in particular:

    Do a 365 day photo project like Mridu Khullar-Relph

    Live in another country for at least a year

    Be able to make a list of 100 good things to eat in Mumbai/or any other city

  27. Beautiful list, A lot of things I wanna talk about but its just so much, so Ill just settle with


  28. Sharvil, a lot of things to say, is it? Well, this isn’t Twitter, so there’s not really a limit n words, you know : ) Have you experienced any of the things I’ve listed above?

    Etymology is the study of origin of words. I love words and with this subject I’ll learn the history of them : )

  29. Hey there! I reached here from Scribby’s blog. I am in love with your space.. It is so warm, vibrant and full of life. 🙂 Am blogrolling you. Will be back to read more.

    Specially loved this post of yours. I made a bucket list of my own earlier this month, and have been trying to follow it. Yours is so very diverse than mine. I would love to do some things from your list as well. 🙂

  30. Hey Girl Next Door! You make your wine at home, woman, you’re welcome with open arms!

  31. I like yours too! Especially “master the art of applying makeup”. Can definitely relate to that one!

  32. I would love to know how you came up with number 1! I used to live not too far from the Wisconsin Dells, where there are a couple of water parks, but there are bigger water parks all over the US. Why Wisconsin? I am betting there is a good story… Isn’t is funny how you never think of your own home as a place that can offer anything exciting?

  33. OK – I could comment on so many of these. This is such a fun list, but #51 made me laugh out loud. I love it!

  34. Amanda, I saw a TV show about Noah’s Ark and Schlitterbahn a couple of years ago and have been hoping to go there since. And Between the two of these, they have the longest and weirdest rides, and some totally crazy free-falling stuff. So that’s the story!

  35. Your blog has inspired me to take my life list more seriously.

    Your writings are beautiful and make me smile.


    1. Hey Prashant, glad to know that 🙂 Where’s your list? I can’t see a link to your blog here.

      1. Haven’t started blogging as yet 🙂

        But have a to-do life list. One among them is to start my own blog.

  36. Hi Sosha,

    ‘Preparing a bucket list like this’… This was the only thing which I had written… er… in my mind, that is… I think it is high time that I start taking life more seriously… Thanks for the inspiration… Gives me some strength to fight off the lethargy which has engulfed me these days…:)

    – Krishna.

    1. Go for it, Krishna! And lemme see the link 🙂

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