Bombay to Goa!

I have some terrific news to share here – I’ve moved out from Bombay for a few months and have reloacted to Goa 😀

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my life. I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, and now live by myself in another city in the country!

Let me tone down my enthusiam a few notches and fill you in. I moved to Goa in the third week of June and have now rented a very pretty house in a charming neighbourhood. The beaches aren’t far away either – barely a 10-min bike ride.

For those who haven’t heard of Goa, well, this picture is of a page from a book:

Quote from a book

You can figure from the picture that Goa’s one of the best places for a single girl to live alone. I write for magazines to make money, cook, clean, manage the house, read, party, laze around, make new friends, explore the city and basically, just have an excellent time here.

That’s where the house party’s begun! On the first floor balcony.

Life in Goa is summed up in this graffiti I saw on one of the walls here: Goa is like a fridge, because everyone just chills here!”

I’m in north of Goa currently, and even though it’s off-season, a few excellent restaurants are open. Because there’s not much crowd, I’m being able to meet and interact with the owners and chefs there too; it’s awesome! If any among you have heard of the Italian chef Sarjano, you’ll be happy to know that he runs a great restaurant here, where he also gives cooking lessons.

Living by myself is a good challenge and so far, has been exciting, with friends dropping in over some weekends. If you’ve never been to Goa, book your tickets soon; if you’re here already, drop me a line!


28 responses

  1. Good job! Living by yourself can be so rewarding, plus, Goa is beautiful!

    1. I take it you’ve visited Goa, Spiralcma. 🙂

      1. I have! A few years back, I very much enjoyed my time there! 🙂

  2. yayness!!! i would love to come….

  3. How exciting, Sosha – living alone in GOA! Have fun 🙂

  4. Did you get there by bus? If so, did Kishore Kumar sing to you, and were Big B and Aruna Irani aboard?

    1. Hehe! I took the train; guess that’s why I missed meeting all of them!

  5. Hi Manali,

    Saw your blog and I am really excited at the thought of living in Goa! I plan to be there for 5 months from mid dec 2012. I will be living with my six year old son. I am looking for a safe area to live with amenities like supermarkets and near to beach with public transport availability. Can you recommend me some areas and any rentals that you know off. Appreciate your help! Thank you.


    1. Hey Sylvia! I don’t know why you think my name is Manali; it isn’t 🙂
      Your plan looks really good to me – Goa’s incredible in Dec. It would be a lot of information to put out here on the comment section; so why don’t you give me your email id, and I can sort you out a bit.

      Lemme know!

      1. Dear Sosha,

        Very sorry about getting your name incorrectly! I must have been day dreaming… email id is Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

  6. I’m so envious. Way to go!

  7. mind blowing place…… i been der for some time….. but of course different situations…..

  8. but now after a long…..would love to be der….

  9. wow!! i just spent 2 days in goa and i am in love with it!! you get to live there!! amazing! 🙂

  10. Hi sosha,
    goa is just amazing. it must be fantastic living there. i want to take similar step and move to goa .i have sent you an email regarding the same, on niceandnewblog at gmail dot com.

    hoping to hear from you soon. 🙂
    thnks 🙂

  11. Living on ur own in Goa…wow..sounds amazing..I have visited d place quite a few times..see u SOSHA in goa..i am coming soon..GO GOA…..

    1. Woohoo! Oh, you’ll have fun!

  12. Hello dear, i’m ready and have been planning to move to goa but i have no idea.. Where to go or what to do.. Please help me by guiding me a bit.

    1. Hey, Neonidhi! Are you in Goa already? I don’t know how I missed reading you comment when you posted it; I only just saw it. I must be travelling and missed it perhaps. But anyway, tell me, have you moved to Goa? If yes, then we must meet up over a cuppa!

  13. HI Sosha,
    Excellent blog, after reading this I too packed my bags and headed for goa.
    I am planning to stay and find job in goa, help if you can,
    just got really inspired from your experience

    1. Hey, Manil! How to nice to know that! Where in Goa are you and what kind of jobs are you looking at? Lemme know!

  14. Hey Sosha, Are you still in Goa… I am here for a few weeks if you are still offering friendly conversation and cups of tea?

    1. Hey, Andrew! Sadly, I’m back in Bombay since the last few months. Otherwise, I’d have loved to catch up. It’s crazy hot there at the moment, I hear, but I do hope you’re managing to have a good time! Where in Goa are you currently?

      1. I am in Ashvem until 22nd May.. it’s lovely here.. fortunately have a/c bungalow 🙂 Can I ask roughtly how much you were paying in rent for a long term rental as thinking of coming back for 6months+

        1. Oh, Ashvem is gorgeous! Long term rent, depending upon the season can be Rs 15,000 to 17,000 onward. There are cheaper places available too, but these are good rates if you want some decent furniture and an AC. Hopefully, we meet when we’re both back next!

          1. That’s good to know.. cheers Sosha.

        2. sosha…. nice to see questions answered…..I have always noticed that questions remain questions in all other blogs….
          coming to the point…. can you give me some info on the PG accomodations available in Porvorim for my graphic designer daughter who ll be moving to goa shortly??? ….to live like you.

          1. Hi! I have absolutely no idea about Porvorim. I hope your daughter is enjoying her stay there though!

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