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Sosha B&B

My former neighbour in Goa used to call my apartment ‘Sosha B&B,’ for I always had guests over. Weekends, weekdays, my friends, couchsurfers, sister’s friends, friends of friends, everybody! It was one never-ending party. It’s only recently, now that I have moved houses, that I am no longer able to host people. I presently live with 5 other friends, filling up the 2-BHK to its maximum capacity.

I only realised I’ve stopped hosting people while I was discussing it with a friend last night. I miss having guests over a lot and it made me go through old pictures. I wish I had taken more pictures, with everyone who came over. These are just a few pictures that were taken on my camera.

‘Darlings, thank you for ensuring that I have a terrific Goan monsoon!

With Joy, at St Augustine's ruins.

With Joy, at St Augustine’s ruins.

Two blondes! With Monisha at Anjuna.

Two blondes! With Monisha at Anjuna.

My boys - Joy, Ashwin and Sanky.
My boys – Joy, Ashwin and Sanky.
With Dammo and Anu at Aguada fort.

With Dammo and Anu at Aguada fort.

Driving around my soul-sister Payal

Driving around my soul-sister Payal

Ekta takes over the kitchen.

Ekta takes over the kitchen.

My sister - Manali

My sister, Manali

With French Couchsurfer Romain, who later showed me around in Aix-en-Provence, France.

With French Couchsurfer Romain, who later showed me around in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Ferrying around Dammo.

Ferrying around Dammo.

Nikhil and Dhvani

Nikhil and Dhvani in Anjuna.

With my friend's boy, Nikhil.
With my friend’s boy, Nikhil, in Aarambol.

iPad menus in Indian restaurants

Several restaurants in India have taken the road to technology – they offer iPad menus to diners. The concept is amazing – it feels pretty chic to tap and slide the tablet as you decide what to order. In Mumbai, head to Koh by Ian Kittichai (InterContinental Marine Drive), Royal China (Bandra and VT) or Escobar  (Bandra) to experience these awesome menus.

Click here to read the short feature I had written for JetWings magazine on iPad menus.

An iPad menu rests alongside alcoholic beverages
Pic by Monisha Ajgaonkar | Location courtesy: Koh by Ian Kittichai, The InterContinental Marine Drive, Mumbai




I know he’s not Michael Schumacher

I got lucky last May and got to meet a famous racing legend. Only, because I’m nowhere close to the racing scene, I can’t recollect his name or country. (Stupid of me, I know.) I would be grateful if someone could identify him for me. I shot this picture at an event in Stuttgart, Germany earlier in May, this year. It’s highly possible the guy’s German. So if someone knows who he is, please, please let me know!

We're talking about the gentleman in the center, of course.


Ye Leh!

So, Leh’s been cropping up a lot recently on the blogs I read, triggering the ‘me too’ syndrome. Here are my two paise on the enchanting roads from old Manali to Leh.

Leh, the travails…

At first, you think it's only a traffic jam. Yeah, a traffic jam : |

Then you realise, "Oh, a car's stuck" : (

And then we see WHY it's stuck. "Fuck!" :O

Leh, the treasures!

Barely 3 hours into the trip from old Manali, we saw the clouds rushing to meet us at our level and then ascend further away. I also truly understood the meaning of 'rolling plains covered in velvet'

I touched snow. And I have no words to describe how good it felt, after craving snow for years

Mountains, snow, sand, grass, water... Everything that Mum Nature has to offer, all together

See the storm-in-the-waiting in the background? And we have reached a boastful 15, 547 feet

The breeze will play with your hair at all windy places. But when it does in Leh, rest assured you have discovered your most favourite place on earth.

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