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Bombay to Goa!

I have some terrific news to share here – I’ve moved out from Bombay for a few months and have reloacted to Goa 😀

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my life. I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, and now live by myself in another city in the country!

Let me tone down my enthusiam a few notches and fill you in. I moved to Goa in the third week of June and have now rented a very pretty house in a charming neighbourhood. The beaches aren’t far away either – barely a 10-min bike ride.

For those who haven’t heard of Goa, well, this picture is of a page from a book:

Quote from a book

You can figure from the picture that Goa’s one of the best places for a single girl to live alone. I write for magazines to make money, cook, clean, manage the house, read, party, laze around, make new friends, explore the city and basically, just have an excellent time here.

That’s where the house party’s begun! On the first floor balcony.

Life in Goa is summed up in this graffiti I saw on one of the walls here: Goa is like a fridge, because everyone just chills here!”

I’m in north of Goa currently, and even though it’s off-season, a few excellent restaurants are open. Because there’s not much crowd, I’m being able to meet and interact with the owners and chefs there too; it’s awesome! If any among you have heard of the Italian chef Sarjano, you’ll be happy to know that he runs a great restaurant here, where he also gives cooking lessons.

Living by myself is a good challenge and so far, has been exciting, with friends dropping in over some weekends. If you’ve never been to Goa, book your tickets soon; if you’re here already, drop me a line!

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