Beer shampoo!

Beer makes women pretty. No, really. (Feminists, calm down, hear me out.) Not beer goggles.

*Beer shampoo*

Not kidding. See the revolutionary product for yourself!

The one cosmetic product that men won't crib about spending money on.

The one cosmetic product that men won’t mind spending money on.

I was at the local store the other day and came across this amusing bottle. Park Avenue’s got Beer Shampoo to India, and claims it’s made from real beer! I’m surprised about why there’s not been any publicity about this. Or is it that I have missed the ads? I do have over half a mind to get myself a bottle of this shampoo and sample its “frothy goodness!”

I think men should ditch the fairness creams that Shah Rukh Khan endorses and go for this beer shampoo. At least, you won’t have to hide the bottle!

PS: Review coming soon!


7 responses

  1. Will be checking it out soon B-)

  2. Are you gifting it to me? Christmas is round the corner! 😀

    1. Kunal, show me five features you’ve written after we met, and you’ll see the shampoo!

  3. Ahem. Credit for pointing the shampoo out to you?

  4. i too found in my nearest chemist shop.park avenue beer shampoo is wonderful

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