Life list # 29. Visit a foreign country

In Sep, 2010 I had struck off another item from my life list but couldn’t write about it as I wasn’t documenting my list here, on the blog. Here’s to catching up!

I flew out of India in Sep 2010 and visited a foreign land, which happened to be Mauritius. It is a small island country next to Madagascar, to the East of Africa. I stayed there for a week and had a good fill of indulging in typical touristy activities. Water sports, without a doubt, were the highlight of the trip. Fabulous beaches, pleasant weather and 4-star hotel accommodation only made the experience more memorable.

Mauritius is a chilled out place, where you won’t really find too much to do. Sure, the country has its share of casinos and nature parks and botanical gardens… But the excellent weather scores the highest. I met several European travellers on my trip, so I’m assuming Mauritius is popular with them.

Here are a few pictures from my first trip abroad:

Jalsa beach in Mauritius

The superb, calm, beautiful Jalsa beach in Mauritius

Chilling in my room in Jalsa beach hotel in Mauritius.

The picture above is of  my hotel room, which opened out to a garden and the path to the beach.

The one below is of a clump of soil in  seven different colours, caused due to volcanic activity. It’s a fenced area and a pretty quirky handiwork of nature.

In the last picture, I am at the Casela Bird Sanctuary, where I had the pleasure of meeting this 60-year tortoise, who looked to me just like the ones in Mario!

This is where the soil is of seven different colours - vestiges of erstwhile volcanic activity on the island.

With a tortoise in the Casela bird sanctuary


13 responses

  1. I ve always wanted to visit Mauritius. I had a friend who used to live there. I regret not making use of that

  2. Wow Mauritius is such a beautiful island. I would love to visit there some day! I kind of like the fact that there’s not much to do. There’s something peaceful about laying on the beach soaking up the rays and not having a care in the world.

  3. Wow, Mauritius has blue water in sea! I saw only contaminated water in sea till date (in India). I do not find 7 colors in that sand and it took a bit for me to notice the tortoise in the last pic.. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog, would like to know how you jumped there.

  4. Whatever Strikes, water in Mauritius comes in varying shades of blue and green and it’s so clean, you won’t believe me. And well, there are a few tortoises, just like in Mario, an the top, far right of the picture!

    As for your blog, I’ve set up WP alert for the tag ‘Mumbai.’ So I got to know when you posted your recentmost post 🙂

  5. Awesome! Looks like a Solo Trip! Was it? Rare to see people making those to Mauritius 🙂

  6. Hey Novacaine! Nope, wasn’t a solo trip; went with an odd bunch comprising relatives, their friends and their kids.

    Besides, Mauritius is too expensive for Indians, especially because the culture and living isn’t too different from ours, so then it’s not worth it, you see? But for Europeans, it’s like getting the magic of India with safe beaches, minus all the dirt. That clicks with them, I guess.

  7. Wow blue water sure is tempting would definitely think about Mauritius the next holidays. Btw you wanna see blue water in India go to Ladakh. The most beautiful place in the country.

  8. Prannayjha, yes, Mauritius was lovely. And about the blue waters in Ladakh, well, I’ve visited Ladakh 🙂
    Went there in Aug 2010.

  9. I now see that you have your own 🙂

    I look forward to reading more.


  10. The first photo is really pretty. 😀

  11. […] more pictures I took, have a look at this earlier post. 19.132459 72.864752 GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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