Fire Hula Hoop!

Hola, folks! I had picked up a new hobby in Goa, after my fire-dancing Mexican friend Xanti introduced me to it. She taught me a few basics of hula hooping! Later, my Mumbai friend Leona Rodrigues put in some more hula hooping talent in me. So I’m now back in Mumbai, conducting hula hooping workshops for adults and kids, and boy, it’s fun!

Hand and waist hooping! Pic credit: Shivanand Kotian

Hand and waist hooping! Pic credit: Shivanand Kotian

Last month was the high point of my hula hooping experiences as I tried fire hooping for the first time! It means that I set a hoop on fire and then went about spinning it. I was pretty excited to try fire hooping and here’s a short video of me trying it for the first time. I was tad awkward in the beginning, but I soon forgot about everything else around me and could only hear the loud ‘whoosh whoosh’ of the fiery hoop around me. It’s only towards the end that my friend calls out to warn me about some other people’s football about to hit me, that my concentration breaks and then thee’s a bit of a singeing scare!

Tell me what you think of it! And if you’re in Mumbai, come join me at one of my workshops… I assure you it’s much fun!


So, what do you think about it?

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