Travel Diaries: Goa in the monsoon (India)

Monsoon of 2012

The wind lashes at your face and the rainfall makes it difficult to see ahead clearly. But to peer on and continue riding the bike on gorgeous roads with gay abandon is possible in few places. One of which is Goa. We’re not talking about a speed junkie racing his modified bike, we’re making a plan for you – who rides a Vespa or a Scooty Pep, and is cautious around the corners.

Live a different Goa in monsoon – forget the beach for a day, and fill your bike’s fuel tank to its fullest. Look forward to lush paddy fields flanking the empty, palm-lined roads and maybe even close your eyes for a few quick seconds while riding. Zip up the small sling bag inside the windcheater and let your hair down. Get drenched. Be drenched the whole day. Don’t fix on a destination; just keep enjoying the road. Drive slow and enjoy each beautiful turn and bridge.

A rainy July day on Goan roads. Pillion rider and pic credit: Monisha Ajgaonkar

A rainy July day on Goan roads. Pillion rider and pic credit: Monisha Ajgaonkar

Enjoy the grey sky, the puddles that spray water on either side as you ride through, and halt a while on the bridges to say hello to the river in spate. Grin at fellow tourists as you pass them on the bike. Rush inside a restaurant and take a few seconds to wipe your brow dry. Look for a street facing table and order a mug of feni, the local alcoholic favourite, brewed from cashews. Attack the plate of hot fish xacuti. Do not drink much, for it’s soon time to be back on the road again.

If you’re riding pillion, it’s time to swap seats. Take charge and veer in the direction you like. Petrol is available in most stores, and you’ll never get lost. If you do, smile and ask a local for the main road. Sing rain songs aloud while riding. And as the sun dips down on the horizon, begin the ride back to your cottage.


11 responses

  1. I so agree with you. Eventhough the last time I visited was in 2006, it was monsoon , and we had hired these bikes to roam around.I know the feeling…makes me go wow even now 🙂
    Ur blog bought back some good memories 🙂

    1. You last went way back in 2006? You should be packing your bags right now, miss! 🙂

  2. Your post brought so many memories from my first visit to this wonderful place. I’ll remember Goa for the cheapest petrol I had ever since I started riding a Royal Enfield. Riding in from Mumbai with 71.83/- liter petrol and then being shocked when I saw the 53.22 at the fuel station in Goa, was definitely the best moment for me so far.

    I would visit Goa soon.


  3. Thank you so much for writing about Goa from this point of view. I am a Goan, and am quite sick of people describing Goa as the the land of sun, sand, and booze. Goa is so much more than that. Kudos to you! 🙂

    1. Hey, Amruta! I’d glad you like the post 🙂 If you look around on the blog, you’ll find a few more posts about Goa, none of which involves booze… ‘Çause there’s so much more to the place!

  4. Love it! Really well-written. Full marks to you! 😛

  5. Excellent post, reminded me of my college days trip to Goa, we all friends went biking from Bangalore to Goa that too monsoons. Thanks a ton for sharing such a good post, which shows a lees known side of Goa. Looking forward for more such post.

    1. Hey, Sunita! Nice to hear about your biking adventures!

  6. Been to goa twice in monsoon and couldn’t have described it better. Loved the absence of crowd and traveled far and wide to remote locations. There are some interesting waterfalls to explore.

    1. Fahim, yeah, there’s the Dudhsagar waterfall and a couple of smaller ones.

  7. First of all i would like to Thanks…
    I’m planning to Go Goa in Next month. because i have listen many time ,Goa have perfect holiday spots for Tourist

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