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Stories from southwest Germany

In May 2011, I visited southwest of Germany, covering Stuttgart and neighbouring areas. I had awesome experiences and was overwhelmed by the trip, as it was my first one to Europe.

I participated in various activities and was fortunate to gain access to several places, thanks to my Press Card. The best moment though, was when I got to sit inside the Audi R8 Spyder series.

I wrote a short article for JetWings magazine,  recounting my one week spent in Germany. This is one of my favourite stories till date, and I would love for you all to read it and let me know how you found it.

Travel story on southwest Germany (The file is a tad heavier than usual ones; please be patient as it loads.)

At the Automobil Sommer 2012, posing in a swanky new Mercedes SLS AMG, at the car show in Stuttgart.



I know he’s not Michael Schumacher

I got lucky last May and got to meet a famous racing legend. Only, because I’m nowhere close to the racing scene, I can’t recollect his name or country. (Stupid of me, I know.) I would be grateful if someone could identify him for me. I shot this picture at an event in Stuttgart, Germany earlier in May, this year. It’s highly possible the guy’s German. So if someone knows who he is, please, please let me know!

We're talking about the gentleman in the center, of course.


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