Life list #14. Taste 100 new fruits

I’ve tasted quite a good number of fruits available in Indian markets. But, I’ve read names of many more fruits, that I don’t even know what they look it; let alone taste them.

So I’ve decided to taste at least 100 new ones, as a part of my bucket list programme, and I will be documenting the progress in this post.



We begin with my trip to Germany in May 2011, where I had my heart’s fill of raspberries. Now I’ve had raspberries before, but in jams and jellies, so that doesn’t really count. Here, I tasted fresh raspberries, and ate them alone, unadulterated. And with Crème Bruûlée. And slathered over a cake.


Passion Fruit Daiquiri with a sprig of elderberry and basil leaves

Passion Fruit Daiquiri with a sprig of elderberry and basil leaves

Elderberries are tiny berries and are a bartender’s favourite as they add a good flavour to most cocktails. I tasted my first elderberry in a Passion Fruit Daiquiri, again, on the trip to Germany.


Elderberries and basil leaves on my Passion Fruit Daiquiri


Mandarin on my creamy cake









A sweeter version of the orange, I tasted slices of mandarin on a piece of cake in Germany.

And that takes the count to 3 so far. 97 more to go!


11 responses

  1. I love the idea of trying 100 new fruits and especially the creative way in which you are doing this.

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  3. Hey redcurlgurl! You’re welcome to join in… Lemme know when you try some new ones 🙂

  4. Now that summer is here and fruits are plentiful, would love some suggestions. Just tried black cherries–yummy (sweet and tart).

  5. Black cherries! Haven’t even heard of them 😛

    Here, summer’s just gone and monsoon has set in. Keep me updated on new ones that you try. I’d love to see pictures 🙂

  6. Fruity summer ahead. I think i need to add something similar to my bucket list too.

  7. I don’t like sweet stuff but the last pic looks really good!

  8. How interesting!! Raspberries are normal fruit here (California), but elderberries are exotic — I’ve only seen them here in drinks, and even that is a recent development. Recently I tried quince for the first time, and before that a Taiwanese fruit whose name I can’t recall. I love your life list!

    1. I wish we could get them all year round easily, here in India. Haven’t even heard of quince!

      1. It seems to be big in Spain and some other European countries. It’s not so common here, and after buying it I can understand why. You have to cook it before you can eat it, and the fruit is so hard that cutting it up is a battle! Tastes good afterward though. 😉

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