India beats Pak 4-1 in Hockey World Cup qualifier!

Days after the sweet victory in cricket against South Africa, the Sunday’s match of the FIH Hockey World Cup held in India kept the viewers at the edge of their seats, pitting India versus Pakistan. Both nations are gunning down each other’s soldiers across at the borders, so when their hockey teams were on the ground, tension in the air was as tight as the match that followed. By the end of the clash of sticks, the Indian emerged victorious by 4 goals, against Pakistan’s 1.

The home team converted two penalty corners out of three to go 2-0 up the first half. Immediately after the start of the second half, popular player Prabhjot Singh penetrated a bunch of skirmishing Pakistani defenders to score India’s third goal.

Indian Prabhjot Singh and Pakistani captain Zeeshan Ashraf at the Hockey Wprd Cup 2010

Indian Prabhjot Singh and Pakistani Zeeshan Ashraf at the Hockey Word Cup 2010

Four-time winners Pakistan are led by Zeeshan Ashraf, who had said recently that beating India here would mean more to Pakistani fans than winning the Cup itself.  India, the 1975 champs, are led by Rajpal Singh. India coach Jose Brasa has said India must keep their emotions under check while playing Pakistan.

Spain defeated South Africa 4-2 in the opening match of the World Cup at New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium on Sunday. Next, England defeated Australia with 3-2 game score.


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  1. Found your blog visiting Lesley’s blog . I congratulate you for initiating this blog, not many women write about sports. Good start.

    How about covering women’s sports in India? Nobody care’s for women’s sports as there is not much money and sponsorships in it.


    Desi Girl

  2. Hey there, Desi Girl!

    Nice to know you appreciate the effort 🙂
    Though I must confess, I did not have sports in mind when I decided to write a blog. I am professionally in the field of Entertainment and hoped to write on that.

    But before I could write what I set out to, the matches came up, and the sports fan in me quickly wrote these posts.

    Women sports in India is very limited, as you correctly note, and my knowledge on sports is largely dependent on popular media. Bit now that you suggest, I will definitely have an eye out for it.

    I visited your blog and have emailed you. Do have a look.

    Warm wishes!

    Nice and New

  3. India roxs man!!!!

  4. nice and cool…
    visit and add my WP guestbook…at:

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